BIC Media Solutions connects the “who’s who” in business, industry and community with one another for the betterment of all through meaningful media, events and networking.

BIC Media Solutions can help you with your communication efforts in multimedia, custom book publishing, event organizing, providing speakers for an event, and your custom video and digital marketing efforts. Our efforts in helping fund, co-produce and market films, documentaries and TV have allowed us to build a network of support to “ratchet-up” your media project to truly stand out in a crowded field.

The mission of BIC Media Solutions is to offer a broader range of multimedia communication and training services to BIC Alliance’s marketing partners, readers and others, including custom book publishing, creative services, human performance improvement in the areas of management, inspirational speakers, and event planning services for trade shows, conferences, media events, networking and hospitality events.

In addition, BIC Media Solutions helps connect investors, filmmakers and publishers to help fund, co-produce and market inspirational and faith/family-friendly media, including films, documentaries, TV, books and events.

Earl B. Heard is the founder and CEO of Business and Industry Communications (BIC) Alliance, which includes BIC Media Solutions, BIC Recruiting and IVS Investment Banking.