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Media That MattersBIC Media Solutions has launched “Movers and Shakers,” a leadership venture that will include articles in BIC Magazine, inspirational and leadership events, and a TV series.

Adding to our library of leadership projects, including “Energy Entrepreneurs” and “Industry Achievers,” we are reaching out to the “who’s who” in the energy, industrial, financial, private equity, and media/entertainment sectors, and broadening our scope to also include sports, food, hospitality, retail entrepreneurs and more to identify successful “Movers and Shakers” with hearts of gold. We hope to discover business and industry entrepreneurs and executives, organizers and managers, and ordinary people who have done extraordinary things —that ultimately inspire, teach and guide others.

We firmly believe it is smart to learn from others’ mistakes, successes and real-life experiences, and to have that head start in reaching personal goals. We at BIC Media Solutions hope to pass along to you valuable lessons and insights garnered from these icons in business, industry and community through our “Movers and Shakers” project.

Our goal is to collect case studies from the most inspirational and charismatic movers and shakers in business, with new stories featured regularly. BIC Media Solutions will bring together Texas and the Gulf Coast’s most energetic and inspirational thought leaders to help each one of us become a successful influencer in our own right, reach our highest goals in life, and make the world a better place. By interviewing these iconic influencers, we will dig in for some tough questions about how they were inspired, the obstacles they faced, the balance of personal life, the role of faith and helpful tips from their hard-earned experiences.

These influencers will be featured in BIC Magazine, a well-known trade publication in the oil and gas industry, invited to speak at upcoming leadership conferences, and be featured in “Movers and Shakers” TV series. The series will air locally in the Houston area on CW-KIAH and on national digital networks Upliftv and others, reaching 80-plus million households.  Sponsorship opportunities are available.

We are currently accepting nominations for movers and shakers with hearts of gold within the business and industrial sectors and beyond. This could be yourself or someone you admire or who inspired you to launch that new product, service or movement.

Please send your nominations via email to or complete our website form below.

Nomination Form

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CRITICAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS WORKSHOP:  April 4, South Shore Harbour in League City, TX. BIC Alliance’s Leadership Series is also kicking off this month. Its first workshop, “Critical Communication Skills,” helps industry professionals develop and enhance their written communication skills. The session is led by Moon and also features Adam Scheiner, an equity sector strategist for UBS Wealth Management’s Chief Investment Office. Scheiner will address the current state of the industry. We are looking forward to hosting future educational and informative sessions as part of BIC’s Leadership Series.   More information







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