BIC Media Solutions uses film, video for business

In 2014, BIC Media Solutions (BMS) made successful strides into the film and entertainment industry. After co-sponsoring several screenings including “Lone Survivor,” “The Identical,” “FrackNation” and “A Gift Horse” last year, BIC Alliance Founder and CEO Earl Heard decided to use BMS to invest in, co-produce and market inspirational, family friendly and faith-friendly movies. BMS was able to assist in funding the faith-based short film, “Classic Restoration,” with Jarred Coates of Red Entertainment Group, who also co-produced the film “God’s Not Dead.” Next, BMS funded and co-produced its first feature film, “A Gift Horse,” which will be released on DVD and Video On Demand in early spring.

BMS is also expanding into helping market films and film festivals using readily available resources, including BIC Magazine and access to other print and online publications. With the 2015 release of “A Gift Horse” quickly approaching, Heard and the BMS team are working diligently to market the movie and spread awareness about other current media projects. They are now using the BMS website ( and social media websites, including Facebook and Twitter, to reach out to niche markets like the Christian film market and the horseback riding industry to promote “A Gift Horse.”

BIC Alliance has been reaching out to others to explore how they are utilizing videos in their companies. Many BIC Alliance partners and clients said they use videos for marketing, training and sharing business updates with their own clients. BMS is utilizing these tips in 2015 to produce videos for promoting business and industry, as well as entertainment, hospitality and leisure activities. Under consideration is the development of a BMS Channel or BIC TV. BMS also expects to invest in another inspirational and faith-friendly film, as well as other video-related opportunities.

For more information on film and video production and marketing opportunities, call Earl Heard at (800) 460-4242, or email