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Shortly after BIC Alliance celebrated its 30th anniversary with networking events in Baton Rouge, La., and Houston, BIC Media Solutions has reached exciting new heights and deserves a celebration of its own. A division of BIC Alliance, BIC Media Solutions is now extending its services to include film and video production, as well as investments in inspirational, family friendly and faith-based films, and has begun offering wrap parties and red carpet events to companies ranging from those completing a turnaround to those making movies.Since launching in 2005, BIC Media Solutions has accomplished great feats, including publishing nine books and hosting many networking events. The original intention behind the media division of BIC Alliance was to guide the energy sector with networking and training events, keynote speakers and custom book publishing. That goal later expanded into additional publications like “Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes—Leaving a Legacy” and “Michael Learns to Listen” and now, to film and video.

BIC Media Solutions has joined forces with new partners, like the Baton Rouge full-service video production company Launch Media. Working closely with Launch Media’s President and Executive Producer John E. Jackson, BIC Media Solutions is producing webisodes and short videos to air on BIC TV. BIC Media Solutions has also partnered with Louisiana’s premier film production company, Red Entertainment Group LLC, which co-produced the recently released inspirational faith-based film “God’s Not Dead,” and has plans to produce more faith-based films in the near future.

By working with media professionals, BIC Media Solutions covers all corners of the media world nationally and internationally. BIC Media Solutions can connect book authors with screenwriters and industry innovators with movie producers, and helps to not only introduce opportunity beyond the energy realm but also supports the film industry and the peaking interest in the faith-based and family friendly film movement that has been largely successful in the recent past. Specifically, BIC Media Solutions has partnered with Jarred Coates of Red Entertainment Group in the production of “Classic Restoration,” a short film of the Bible’s classic “Prodigal Son” story, told with a modern-day translation. Heard also recently connected with Esenjay Petroleum Corp. CEO Michael Johnson to help raise print and advertising money for marketing and promotion of “The Identical,” a film for which Johnson was the executive producer.

Additionally, BIC Media Solutions and IVS Investment Banking partner John Zapalac have connected with film producer Matt Keith to help fund and co-produce an inspirational feature film titled “The Gift Horse,” starring veteran actor John Schneider. The heartfelt film is the story of a young girl and her struggle to accept a new woman in her father’s life. Through trying times, the two women bond over an injured horse despite their differences.

BIC Media Solutions continues to connect with other publishers and film producers to help promote their messages. After partnering with the entertainment publication “Scene Magazine” last year, Heard reached out to other publishers and movie producers, including movie producer and actor Jake Seal who recently moved to Louisiana. Seal purchased the historical Asphodel Plantation and converted it into Plantation Village Studios, a film studio complete with a 10,000-square-foot sound stage, plus production facilities, cottages for housing visitors during production, a screening room and more. Seal recently brought “Scene Magazine” and “BIC Magazine” to Cannes Film Festival in France. Heard and Seal are now discussing future energy and film-related opportunities nationally and internationally.

For more information on BIC Media Solutions’ custom books, event planning and speaking services or other services BIC Alliance offers, contact Earl Heard at (800) 460-4242 or email

BIC Media Solutions
BIC Media Solutions