Inspirational Speakers


EARL B. HEARDRock Bottom and Back Hero

Although it’s been more than two decades since he gave up a successful career as an industrial training manager to become an entrepreneur, BIC Alliance CEO and Founder Earl Heard still enjoys helping industry professionals to grow in their professional lives through his Alligator Management & Marketing seminars and keynote presentations. MORE


TERMITE WATKINS – Rock Bottom and Back Hero

Maurice “Termite” Watkins, ex-pro boxer, Olympian athlete who overcame substance abuse, has spent decades motivating others to be the best they can be. Termite became the nation’s first 16-year-old to win the National Golden Gloves Championship, with an amateur record of 128 wins and 10 losses. He went on to box professionally and amassed an impressive record of 58 wins, five losses, two draws, and 48 knockouts.  More


TONJA MYLES – Rock Bottom and Back Hero

Tonja Myles is an ordained minister, community activist, peer counselor, veteran, and counsel for community-based systemic approaches to mental wellness and rehabilitation. Her expertise comes from her own experience as an addict, suicide attempt survivor, and victim of childhood sexual abuse. She is an advocate for humane, compassionate, and ethical treatment of individuals who suffer from mental illness.


SUSAN MUSTAFA – Best-Selling author

Susan writes inspirational books, including her most recent, Rock Bottom and Back—From Desperation to Inspiration, which she coauthored with Earl B. Heard. This book features 22 people who hit rock bottom and came back to help others in extraordinary ways.



Billy RiversBILLY RIVERS – Rock Bottom and Back Hero

Billy Rivers is an ordained minister, an engaging speaker, and a champion for the homeless, but he spent many years living a completely different lifestyle. A former biker gang member and hardcore heroin addict, Billy spent more than a decade in prison on a variety of charges, including burglary and smuggling illegal aliens across the U.S. border.

KEN PAXTON – Rock Bottom and Back Hero

With his faith and trust in God, Ken was brought through his darkest days. And just like a plant or refinery undergoing a turnaround, when your insides feel as though they’ve been ripped out, like a compressor or boiler on a unit, it requires a turnaround to get things back on track. God has strengthened Ken through each of his many turnarounds.



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