Media That Matters Lending Library


Sharing stories of hope and inspiration

Christian book publisher BIC Media Solutions is offering its collection of inspirational books and DVD’s in a customized display to businesses as a lending library or for resale.

Customers, employees, and clients will appreciate browsing through a unique collection of faith-based, inspirational short stories, insights, and motivational experiences, with testimonies and books from leaders in the energy sector.

Perfect for waiting areas, lobbies, employee break rooms and retail.







BIC MEDIA LIBRARY                                              INDUSTRY BESTSELLERS

Rock Bottom and Back                                               Turnarounds by Jerry Strickland

Industry Achievers                                                      Captivated by Phillip Telfer

Earl’s Pearls                                                                  Life Choices by Bea Aikins

It’s What We Do Together That Counts                  Safety Management by Shawn Galloway

Energy Entrepreneurs

Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes           

“The Story Of” Journal           

Michael Learns to Listen – Children’s Book

A Gift Horse (DVD)

Rock Bottom and Back (DVD) 

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LENDING LIBRARY – $250.00 – 10 books/2 DVD’s with display* ($405.00 value)

RESALE (consignment) – 10 books, 2 DVD’s with display* (stock as requested)

*Counter or standing display available.


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