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Rock Bottom and Back – From Desperation to Inspiration shares personal stories of hope about people from all walks of life, from celebrities to ordinary people, who overcame insurmountable adversities and now give back to others in extraordinary ways.

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It’s What We Do Together That Counts
:  $15 Hardcover  BUY NOW

A story of one man’s enduring faith in God, himself and mankind, It’s What We Do Together That Counts: The BIC Alliance Story is the testament of Earl Heard, founder and CEO of the BIC Alliance, one of the nation’s largest multi-industrial, multi-departmental strategic marketing firms and publisher of Business and Industry Connection (BIC) Magazine. Drawing upon 63 years of life experiences, Heard proves through his words and actions that any form of adversity can be overcome through hard work, perseverance and kindness to others.


Earl' Pearls / BIC Media SolutionsEarl’s Pearls: $25 HC & $15 SC  BUY NOW

Earl’s Pearls: Jewels of Wisdom Worth Passing On is a collection of educational and inspirational how-to articles from BIC Alliance CEO and Founder Earl Heard, President and COO Thomas Brinsko and a select group of BIC Magazine guest columnists. The book includes a wide variety of articles related to business and personal motivation, leadership, professional development, sales and marketing and more. Additional sections include age-old proverbs, Bible verses and Heard’s “Tips for Greater Peace, Happiness and Success.”


Michael Learns to Listen / BIC Media SolutionsMichael Learns to Listen: $15 HC BUY NOW

Michael Learns To Listen is designed to teach children listening — the most important part of communication. With beautiful, brightly colored illustrations this children’s book will delight youngsters while teaching the basics of not only listening but also how to better express themselves based upon what they glean from the conversation and body language of others. Children will enjoy reading about a young boy, Michael, and his sisters, Hannah and Mary, who love books and devise their own way to help them listen better.


Louisiana Sports Legends / BIC Media SolutionsLouisiana Sports Book: $15 HC & $10 SC BUY NOW

There are many books out there about famous Louisiana athletes and their accomplishments, but little is said about their contributions beyond the field/court. So many of our state’s greatest and lesser known athletes and coaches have used their fame, successes and faith to make sure those less fortunate get the help they need. Whether it’s Warrick Dunn and his “Homes for the Holidays” program or Sid Edwards and his work with autism, these athletes and coaches are perfect examples of using success for good. Louisiana Sports Legends and Heroes — Leaving a Legacy shows how these athletes and coaches are creating a positive image of what real heroes are, not only across America but globally.


It's What We Do Together That Counts / BIC Media SolutionsIndustry Achievers: $25 HC & $15 SC BUY NOW

Industry Achievers presents the most valuable insights on success, leadership, mentors and education from 50 individuals in operations, maintenance, engineering, construction, safety, health and environmental, training, sales, marketing and more in the form of brief, inspirational narratives. Whether you’re a young professional just entering your field or a seasoned veteran taking the next step in your career journey, the stories featured in Industry Achievers will offer the gift of perspective as viewed through the eyes of some of the best and brightest among America’s industrial corporations, service companies and associations.


Energy Entrepreneurs / BIC Media SolutionsEnergy Entrepreneurs: $25 HC & $15 SC BUY NOW

Written in a compelling, straightforward style that reflects the thinking of the successful individuals featured, Energy Entrepreneurs illustrates the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and offers insight on how to deal with them. While most of the 20 individuals featured in the book own and operate companies that serve the energy industry, the lessons they impart are universal, transcending the boundaries of their respective businesses. Even if you don’t aspire to own a business, there is valuable wisdom to be gained from each chapter of Energy Entrepreneurs.

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A Gift Horse / BIC Media SolutionsA Gift Horse DVD: $15

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Amanda (Kayla Kenedy), a young and energetic girl, is torn apart by the loss of her mother to cancer. She struggles to accept the fact that her father has moved on to a new relationship. In order to cope, Amanda spends her time at a ranch owned by business tycoon, Mr. Canter (John Schneider). Mr. Canton\’s own daughter, Abigail, refuses to appreciate all the things her father has given her and acts out in order to gain attention. The arrival of a white horse named Misty opens up Amanda\’s heart. Misty is rejected by Abigail, but Amanda is determined not to give up on this beautiful horse. Along with an inspiring and loving horse trainer named Charlotte (Madeline Thelton), Amanda proves that Misty is a true champion and restores her happiness in the process. “”A Gift Horse”” is a family friendly, inspirational film for horse lovers across the world.


Commissioned books: (not for retail)

 The Journey – A Practical Guide to Becoming and Exceptional Supervisor

BIC Media Solutions is proud to be the commissioned publisher of this amazing story of a newly promoted supervisor working with his mentor to better understand what he needs to know to be an exceptional supervisor in a modern refinery. This practical “how-to” guide will be used by the TDS team in training sessions and for promotional efforts in the industry. Written by Barry Hardy with Ted Moon, BIC Media Solutions in-house publishing team helped them write, edit, package, print and deliver this hardcover book within the deadlines as required.

Turner Industries

Turner Industries: Fifty Years of Industrial Innovation is the story of Turner Industries, a Louisiana-based maintenance, construction and industrial services contractor founded by the late Bert S. Turner in 1961. Turner Industries is ranked by “ENR” as the nation’s top maintenance contractor.