Urban Country


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Faith, 18-years old, runs with a rough crowd in a big city.

She and her troubled group of friends vandalize the city by spraying graffiti in the alleyways of downtown. She gets into trouble and decides to move to her mother’s ranch in small town Mississippi. Faithʼs friends canʼt understand why she would be interested in seeing her mother or spending time on a dirty, lifeless ranch. Upon her arrival, she is immediately welcomed by muddy roads and thick southern accents. She struggles with the decision to return to the city to tend to her friends and reclaim her lifestyle, or to remain on the ranch and let this new adventure awaken her. She ultimately knows that the path she had been on with her friends was destructive, but is not yet convinced that she can handle the country life.

She is stripped of all options when her mother dies and she inherits the ranch. Faithʼs friends arrive and cannot make sense of her connection to the ranch or her new lifestyle and skills set. She feels she has, in the short time, somewhat outgrown her relationship with her careless lifestyle, and wreck-less friends. What she learns about ranch life, the importance of family, hard work, and about herself on this journey, grounds her in a way that she never believed possible.

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BIC Media Solutions and Leverage Films present “URBAN COUNTRY”  Starring Brighton Sharbino, C. Thomas Howell, Lou Diamond Phillips; Executive Produced by Earl B. Heard, John Zapalac; Produced by Matt Keith; Written by Gina Montelaro; Directed by Teddy Smith.

Advance screenings Spring/Summer 2018.

Wide release 2018.




Urban Country cast and crew